Nepalese girls schooling


           In the Jajarkot region of Nepal, in three local schools,
           50 little school girls have been given their annual
           outfit which inludes a uniform, a satchel, and school
           supplies for 2018/19 donated by
           the Naturex Foundation. 

           Descendant from the Magar and Dalits casts, among
           the poorest in Nepal, situated in an area where
           their parents harvest two of our raw materials:
           Chiuri and Dathelo.

           Since 2015, our Fondation's action aims at allowing
           50 little girls, aged from 6 to 10, to attend school
           without any cost for their parents, and thus to reduce
           sex discrimination when it comes to access to
           education within their families.

           We would like to contemplate that after 5 years of
           care and support, their parents will be convinced
           to carry on with their schooling in secondary