Naturex Foundation works towards the wellbeing of patients at Avignon Hospital


     On July 3, the members of Naturex Foundation
     Board of Directors unanimously voted for the
     implementation of a new project involving a
     partnership with a charity from Avignon Hospital.

     This charity is involved with collecting and
     redistributing funds as well as coordinating
     the actions of 9 partner charities working
     primarily with the Pediatrics and Geriatrics
     departments, in order to offer a moment of
     well-being to patients.

     Anabelle Delarue, Secretary of our Foundation,
     had the pleasure of going twice to Avignon
     University Hospital to participate in various




    On December 5, she met with Bernadette Castelli,
    Pediatrics Educator, who thanked the Foundation,
    for its help towards the purchase of toys, games
    and educational materials, which now await young
    patients every day in the hospital’s play room.
    In this Christmas period, the children were
    delighted to have prepared the entire Christmas
    decoration for the department.

    On that day volunteers of the charity
    "Like a fish in water" directed by Guitry Grantab
     also took part in the event.
     The Foundation’s donation allows him to come
     more regularly to offer the children arts and
     craft workshops.
    Bernadette Castelli, Antoine Dauby, Guitry Grantab,
    Anabelle Delarue and two young creative patients.
    On December 20, Bruno Huet and Odile Avezard,
    two musicians from the association
    "Living Arts in Vaucluse" stopped in every room
     and played music adapted to each audience,
     both fun and sweet. The children were delighted
     with this special moment of shared joy.

     On the day, all the participants had drinks
     during the Christmas party organized for
     the Alzheimer's patients Department, thanks
     to the donation of the Foundation.

     The donation of Naturex has allowed to multiply
     the actions of charities within the hospital:
     Living Arts of Vaucluse, Seed of artists,
     SOS prema, Bubble of dream, Color of ink,
     Pink blouses, Like a fish in water, Art's up ...

    Bruno Huet and Odile Avezard