Our foundation is governed by a nine person Executive Board and includes people from both inside and outside the company. The Board sets the general policies and guidelines for the Foundation and is given full authority therein. The Executive Board meets at least three times each year to set budgets, report on activities, and monitor ongoing projects.

Areas of intervention

Created in March 2008 at the initiative of Jacques Dikansky, founder of Naturex, Our foundation is dedicated to improving living conditions, and to do so selflessly, independently, and for strictly humanitarian purposes.

We are involved in implementing programs with a strong human and environmental dimension. To this end, we work in partnership with associations located in the countries where Naturex operates and where we source our raw materials.

We focus on the areas of environment, health, education, and economic development.

Careful to ensure that all funding goes as far as possible, the Naturex Foundation only works with associations and NGOs that practice complete financial transparency.

Discover our Pathfinder program. Throughout the various departments of our company, we are constantly searching for better ways of acting with respect to the earth and its people.